SAFEDOOR is a manufacturer company which specializes in Fire Protection, Radiation Proof, Sound Proof
and Safety Doors and Shutters, since 1988 and they’re established in their own factory in Kalivia Attica.
Since 2002 they’ re certified to the new standard ISO 9001.
SAFEDOOR is the only company in Greece that has made fire tests for Fire Rolling Shutters, Fire Curtains
and Fire doors in recognized – internationally and by ELOT – European Test Institutes and they have 21
proprietary fire certificates that accompany the products they manufacture, in accordance with the Regulations
of the Greek ELOT 571 and the regulations of other European countries, as stated in the letter of
the Headquarters of the Greek Fire Department No. 520 No. F701.2 / 02.18.96.
-Since 2000 they manufacture all kinds of fire resistant doors, windows, shutters, curtains, floor hatch
covers, etc.) for the majority of the new METRO Stations.
-SAFEDOOR has manufactured Firecurtains up to 20 m width (Carrefour Geraka) and Fire Rolling Shutters
up to 11 m width (Carrefour P. Ralli).
-The Greek Fire Department authorized the design and construction of specific fire stopping conveyor
movement forms at the new ultra high speed-press IRIS in Peania.
-In cooperation with a large German company, they manufactured explosion-proof and soundproof doors
weighing 15 tons each, for the large aircraft engine test bench of EAB.
-The have also studied and applied radiation doors for nuclear medical laboratories of high radioactivity
up to 18 MeV, that have been installed at the Athens Medical Center, Interbalkan Medical Center, Rio University
Hospital, New Athens International Airport «Eleftherios Venizelos» etc.
SAFEDOOR’s radiation doors have been certified by:
1) the Greek Nuclear Research Center «Demokritos»
with No 280/1.2/1.015/14-02-2001 certificate of radiographic control
2) the Department of Licenses and Inspection of the GREEK ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSION, installed and
in operation, at over 15 times so far.
-In 2012 they made a ballistic test at PYRKAL (Greek Defence Systems) and got the higher classification
for bullet proof doors.

SAFEDOOR’s products have the approval and acceptance of all public services with which they have

Michael Eftychidis

Mechanical – Electrical Engineer

The personal enterprise M. EFTYCHIDIS started operations in 1975 as Public Construction Corporation
for E/M Works, after 9 years of service in the same area.
From 1975 until 1991, he functioned purely as contractor and has to his credit many E/M Works,
totaling 50.000.000 € with a preference for «special works». His degree as Public Works Constuctor is D1
E/M, D1 Industrial – Energy – Plumbing.
In 1991 he cooperated with VIOTER S.A. with an equal stake, and undertook and completed successfully,
despite the lack of previous knowledge throughout Greece, the construction of «KOZANI TELEHEATING
phase 1» , a work of 11.200.000 €.

From 1988 until today is the technical advisor of the company.

Marilena Eftychidou

Dipl. Civil Engineer
Certified Administrator SAFEDOOR

She is a Civil Engineer with a Diploma from the University of Patras and a member of the Technical Chamber
of Greece since 1998, R.N. 80201.
She has attended graduate program on «Management of Small and Medium Enterprises» by the National
University of Athens.
She is a certified inspector in «Quality Management Systems» in accordance with standard EN ISO
9001:2008 and Quality Manager of the company.
She has elaborated a calculation program for fire resistant rolling shutters and Firecurtains and dimensioning
of their parts.
In collaboration with her father Michael and after strenuous efforts, fire rolling shutters called SAFEROLL
acquired the unique in Greece certificate from the English Test Institute Warrington Fire Research Center
Also she has dealt with the study and selection of materials decelerating neutrons and radiation,
rays (a) and (c), for the construction of Radiation proof doors in areas with radiation up to 18 MeV.
The doors have been aprooved by «Demokritos» and the “Department of Licenses and Inspection of the