Fire Protection:

SAFEDOOR is the only company in Greece that has conducted fire tests for shutters, doors and Firecurtains with both internationally acclaimed and recognized by ESYD European test institutes and owns 24 proprietary fire certificates that accompany the products that it manufactures (as well as 21 other certificates by cooperating factories). They are in accordance with the Regulations of the Greek ELOT 571 and the regulations of other European countries, as stated in the letter of the Headquarters of the Greek Fire Department No. 520 F701.2/18-2- 96.
Radiation Protection:

SAFEDOOR’s radiation shielding doors have been certified by:

1)        The Greek  Nuclear Research Center «Demokritos»: Radiographic Control Certificate        No: 280/1.2/1.015/14-02-2001

2)        The corresponding Control and Licensing Department of the Greek Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC), at their installation sites.

3)        Independent inspecting bodies.


SAFEDOOR’s steel soundproofting doors, have been certified by with three  sound insulation levels of 54, 40 and 35 dB.


SAFEDOOR’s bulletproof doors  have been  certified by “Hellenic Defence Systems” with the highest safety category FB 6 NS.