Soundproofing Doors 40 dB

 SAFEDOOR’s steel soundproofting doors “SAFESOUND” provide high sound proofing characteristics in an attractive package of functionality and aesthetics. They are ideal for use in professional recording studios, conference rooms, concert venues, etc.  They can be available with wood paneling or/and with optional fire resistance and come in a certified sound insulation levels of 40 dB.



40 dB


7,6 cm


85 Kg

SAFESOUND Doors Specification:

  • Certified sound insulation levels (Rw) 40 dB.
  • Ideal for areas with high soundproofing needs (recording studios, conference rooms, concert venues).
  • Less weight that the usual soundproofing doors, for easy usage.
  • In customized dimensions with or without wooden finishing.
  • With special soundproofing handles.
  • It can me manufactued with fire resistance as well.


pdf-icon Download: Sound Proof Doors 54 & 40 dB